Individual Promotions for Ohio Job's Daughters

Each daughter will be given a Photo Pass. Listed on it will be each month’s challenge for individual daughters. It also allows those individuals to be recognized no matter what size Bethel they come from to participate. We will send out Facebook reminders to keep the excitement going and allow people to catch up if they missed a month. The theme of this promotion will be Disney – for each month a different character will be used with a challenge associated with that character.

Promotional Monthly challenges can be completed at any time between June 2017 and April 30, 2018. Photographic proof is required. Photos will be used for something special at Grand Session! For all monthly challenges, take pictures and submit to Subject line: Promotion: Bethel #

Please include names of all Bethel members involved challenge for proper credit. Please turn in monthly/at the end of each challenge, this is how you will get your points for your bethel members. Each Bethel should complete their Media Release forms, and the enclosed Proof of Media Release Form.

Download the 2017-2018 Promotion Indiviual monthly.pdf

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