Grand Guardian Council of Ohio for 2016 ~ 2017

Grand Guardian & Assoc. Grand Guardian
Carol Ohlemacher, PBG of Bethel 31
Richard Nash, PABG of Bethel 28

"May Union and Harmony Prevail"

"Harmony is essential to all organizations and is a virtue to which we should all strive."


Fuchsia Pink and Royal Purple

Autism Education and Animal Shelters

Mrs. O's cat (Dobby) and Mr. Nash's dog (Ellie)



Bible Verse:
Job 9:27
"I will forget my complaint, I will change my expression, and smile.”

Executive Grand Guardian Council

Grand Guardian   Carol Ohlemacher, Bethel 31
Assoc. Grand Guardian   Richard Nash, Bethel 28
Vice Grand Guardian   Sandy Hampton (PGG), Bethel 11
Vice Assoc. Grand Guardian   Bobby Stickrod, Bethel 12
Grand Guide   Tracey Owens, Bethel 55
Grand Inner Guard   Ed Hampton (PAGG), Bethel 11
Grand Marshal   Kris Smith, (PGG), Bethel 45
Grand Outer Guard   Tony Charley, Bethel 80
Grand Secretary   Dawn Raley (PGG), Bethel 12
Grand Treasurer   Shawn Burke (PGG), Bethel 61

Grand Guardian Council

Grand Chaplain   Erin Raley, Bethel 12
Grand Librarian   Karen Aronhalt, Bethel 22
Grand Director of Music   Sondra Myers, Bethel 80
Grand 1st  Messenger   Carrie Addington, Bethel 31
Grand 2nd  Messenger   Carrie Guesman, Bethel 49
Grand 3rd  Messenger   Michele Chiavaroli, Bethel 31
Grand 4th  Messenger   Summer Michalski, Bethel 55
Grand 5th  Messenger   Monica Prince, Bethel 33
Grand Sr. Custodian   Ramzi Jammal, Bethel 11
Grand Jr. Custodian   Chris Diaz, Bethel 71
Grand Guardian Council of Ohio 2016 ~ 2017
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