What is Job's Daughters?

Job's Daughters is a youth group founded in 1920 for young women between the ages of 10 and 20 who are sponsored by a Master Mason (a member of a men’s fraternal group called Freemasonry). Members of Job’s Daughters, also called "Jobies", get to participate in lots of fun projects and activities- like dances, bowling, skating, swimming parties, slumber parties, pageants, "mystery trips", sports, hiking, "mystery dinners", and travel, just to name a few! From attending meetings, Members also learn and develop public speaking skills, how to manage finances, strengthen leadership abilities, and support a variety of charity and service projects.

Are the Adults who supervise the Daughters, trained to do so?

Yes. All adults who interact with the daughters are called "Certified Adult Volunteers." Which means they have successfully completed the  JDI Youth Protection Program and have passed their annual background checks. For more information about this please visit http://www.jobsdaughtersinternational.org/YPP/YouthProtectionProgram.htm

Where does the name "Job's Daughters" come from?

Our group takes its name from the Book of Job, in the Bible, with particular reference to the 42nd chapter 15th verse: "And in all the land were no women found so fair as the Daughters of Job; and their Father gave them inheritance among their brethren." So why is that particular verse important? Back in the olden biblical times, women were not allowed to have very many rights- they couldn't own land or inherit (basically couldn't be self-sufficient) but Job, in his wisdom, realized his daughters were very special. They were fair, kind and good, not only in looks but most importantly- in character. From this, he gave them inheritance (his vast estates, lands, and wealth) shared equally among their brothers. This allowed the daughters of Job to be independent, confident women that could hold their own in society- which is something that all women, of any day and age, should strive for, especially in today's society. Also, special emphasis is given to the thought that: "To be fair is to do good" and "Virtue is a quality which highly adorns woman."

What does "IYOB FILIAE" on the Job's Daughters emblem mean?

"IYOB" is Greek, "FILIAE" is Latin, and together they mean "Daughters of Job."

Why is it called "International"?

Job's Daughters International currently has over 20,000 members in 5 countries, including: the United States, Canada, the Philippines, Australia, and Brazil. There have been inquiries from other countries recently and efforts are underway to institute Job's Daughters jurisdictions in several other countries, such as Romania, Scotland, New Zealand, and Japan. For additional information concerning the International body please visit www.jobsdaughtersinternational.org

Is Job's Daughters a religion?

Certainly not. Job's Daughters teaches many values that serve as a solid foundation for life and one of these values is faith. Faith in God and your religion, whatever that may be. While Job's Daughters is religious in nature, it is not a religion (or cult) nor is it a substitute for religion. Members are encouraged to worship and practice the faith of their own choosing (i.e., attend their own churches, synagogues, etc). Job's Daughters are members of many faiths and religions (e.g., Baptist, Catholic, Christian Scientist, Church of Christ, Jewish, Lutheran, Buddhist, Protestant, Methodist, Mormon, etc.), who are brought together for good and noble causes - to improve oneself and to be serviceable to all mankind (many charities and causes are directly supported by the charity work of Job's Daughters).

Why do Job's Daughters wear white uniforms?

The uniforms worn by the officers of a Bethel during meetings are of the Grecian type worn by women during the time of Job. Everyone wearing the white Grecian dress stresses equality, symbolic of the important belief that we are all of equal importance in life. All girls, regardless of their family backgrounds, are equal when all wearing them (just like why the Girl Scouts wear uniforms, theirs just happens to be green & brown). Also, the color white, in all ages, has been deemed an emblem of purity and a symbol of joy. And, they're really comfortable! :)

Are you a Christian group?

We have many christian members, but we also have many members of other religions. Job's Daughters does not exclude anyone from membership based on their religious beliefs.

Are you a cult? (Think I'm kidding about getting asked this?)

No. No! NO!!! It's sad that I have to even answer a question like this. I think people get this crazy idea in their heads because Job's Daughters is affiliated with Freemasonry ("Masons"). Freemasonry is also NOT a cult, but a fraternity for men. They only let their members into their meetings, so they were once labeled a "secret society" by those who did not know about them. Since our members are related to Masons, Job's Daughters has therefore fallen under the same incorrect stereotype. But in reality, our ritual is published and is on file at the Library of Congress. Also, parents, legal guardians, grandparents of members, and women over 20 years old (who are related to a Mason) are welcome to freely attend our meetings. We are certainly not a secret society or cult.

What are Masons?

Freemasonry is the oldest fraternity in the world. Started by the guild of stonemasons that built the European cathedrals in the dark ages, they now use the stonecutting tools and working of a rough rock into a useful object as a metaphor for building a good and useful life. Also part of Freemasonry are the Shriners, a charitable group of men whose focus is on helping children. They created the Shriners' Hospitals and Burn Centers. They are also known for their red fez hats and the little cars that they drive in parades ...another way that they bring smiles to children! Famous masons include George Washington, the father of our country! For more information about Masons, please visit www.freemason.com

Are you run by the Masons?

No. Job's Daughters has its own governing body and leaders, and is its own independent organization. But we do have many Masons who support us, and volunteer to be council members to help our Bethels, though. And we love 'em for it!

Can boys be members?

No, but we do have a brother organization called DeMolay. If you are interested in the International Order of DeMolay, follow this link to their website!

Who can become a member of Job's Daughters?

You must be a girl between the ages of 10 and 20 years of age and a direct descendant of a Master Mason, including, but not limited to: daughters, adopted daughters by law, stepdaughters, granddaughters, step granddaughters, sisters, half-sisters, stepsisters, sisters-in-law, or so related to his wife or widow, or who are daughters, stepdaughters, granddaughters, or step-granddaughters of Majority Members of Job's Daughters.

How do I become a member of Job's Daughters?

Contact a friend who's a member, or contact the Bethel Guardian or Masonic lodge in your area. (Try also emailing someone from a Job's Daughters website or visit the international page to find a Bethel closest to you) They will get a petition to fill out and explain a little more about us to you. A committee of 3 girls, or the Bethel Guardian, will talk to you to get a little more information from you and answer any additional questions you might have at that time. They will inform the other Bethel members, and you'll be contacted on when your initiation will be.

What is the "initiation" like?

The initiation is a very beautiful ceremony where you'll learn more about Job's Daughters and its history. It is not embarrassing or frightful at all, and there is no hazing. You'll not be asked to do anything other than pay attention to the members as they tell you about the lessons of Job's Daughters, as illustrated in it's beautiful ritual and the life of Job. Parents, guardians and family members are welcome and encouraged to attend the initiation, as well as all Bethel meetings. It's a time many girls fondly remember for the rest of their lives!

Is there a Bethel by me?

There are Bethels in most states and some countries. Unfortunately there are not Bethels everywhere ...yet. We're working on it. The International Job's Daughters website has a Bethel locator that can tell you if there is a Bethel in your area. If there isn't a Bethel in your area, but you're still interested, let me know! Job's Daughters is always looking to expand, and there are many areas currently under development! Starting a new Bethel could be very exciting!

Will I have to quit the other clubs I belong to?

Job's Daughters shouldn't get in the way of your other activities. Girls in our Bethel are also in Girl Scouts, color guard, school sports, marching band, etc. And it will not get in the way of school. The level of commitment that you give your Bethel is up to you. But remember, "You only get out of Job's Daughters what you put into it!".

I don't know any Masons in my family. What do I do?

Let us help!!! Bethel leaders are old pros at helping you shake the family tree until a Mason turns up. If you want to be a Jobie, contact a Bethel and tell them you want to join. I guarantee you they will help you look for a Mason. If I'm wrong, tell me about it and I'll help you look!

I am related to a Mason, but I'm only nine. What do I do?

Contact a Bethel! Job's Daughters has a "J.D.-to-Bee" program just for eight and nine year olds who want to be Jobies, but aren't 10 yet. Girls in J.D.-to-Bee clubs get to go to Bethel activities and get to know all the girls in the Bethel you're going to join!

** FAQ's from Bethel #49's, Warren, Ohio website. We gratefully acknowledge the use of information from the webpage of Bethel #346, in Buena Park, California, the Illinois Job's Daughters State webpage, Miss. Jessica Garver, and Mrs. Stephanie Uber from Bethel #49 for these *
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